We Make The Insurance Claim Process Easy For You

Regardless of the unfortunate incident that damages your property, the insurance claim process is a difficult one. As your public insurance adjuster in Texas, we begin our provisions by ensuring that our clients are within the bounds of their contract to avoid facing ineligibility of benefit or award claims.

When filing for property insurance claims settlements in Texas, we make sure that the reasons for damages and losses are assessed correctly, which helps in the appropriate application of the provisions of the policy. A professional determination of the extremes of damage and the comparable loss are prepared associated with the various coverage types.

Our experts identify the unique sub-limits, extensions, exclusions, and added coverage mean with regard to your individual insurance claim help in Texas. Preparing the essential documentation of what is done and is still left by the insurer at every phase of the process of claim is crucial to be certain that all responsibilities are being carried out.


We know how intimidating it can be to navigate the world of property claims settlements and adjusters. That's why we treat every client as if they were family, ensuring their needs are taken care of throughout settling their claim and getting them back on their feet.

Kerby And Associates Is Committed To Your Rights

We promise you the highest degree of knowledge and professionalism necessary to assess, devise, represent, and validate the insurance claim filed on your behalf. Kerby and Associates is committed to offering you diligent property claim insurance help in Texas.

A thorough and detailed review is carried out of the conditions surrounding your claim. You get professional assistance, constructive guidance, and knowledge of the claims process that helps you piece together the complicated puzzle. Our years of experience and expertise at handling property insurance claims settlements in Texas have allowed us to expand our knowledge and get you the best settlement amount possible for your loss.